Wind, Water and Waves: Bimini – April 2013

Last month we had a blast with all the Bimini Easter and Homecoming celebrations and are now ready for the spring! April is upon us and it brings the warmer weather to our little island in the stream. We are excited for the calmer seas days and summer crowd to come and spend some quality adventurous time in Bimini doing many of the water sports activities we offer: paddle boarding, kayaking and especially getting out and snorkeling the nearby reefs. A popular destination this spring and summer will definitely be Honeymoon Harbor, a pleasant beach nook about 8 miles south of North Bimini where the sting rays and starfish hang out and invite visitors. We are also excited about the new addition to our boat fleet, a 26’ Carolina Skiff complete with SUP rack and kiteboard/wakeboard rack. She will complete the wide variety of boats we offer to rent at Big Game Club and is an awesome addition for the shallow waters we encounter around Bimini and heading out to Honeymoon Harbor.

FORECAST BY: Summer Farrell, Manager
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