Wind, Water and Waves – Bimini – January 2013

Don’t just stand there…get out and paddle! PHOTO PROVIDED BY: Bimini Water Sports.

January in Bimini is a favorite time of year for many visitors on this out-island that is the closest to the U.S. mainland. The crisp air, gin clear water and unreal visibility make it an ideal time to snorkel and dive here in Bimini.

Although some northern vacationers use this water temperature as a chance to strip down, those less brave southerners might find more comfort in a rash guard or 3mm to 4mm wetsuit while snorkeling and enjoying a wide range of water activities. Prevailing wind direction this time of year is east northeast and from time to time can be pretty brisk, so foul weather gear/warm cover-up is also a must when offshore or snorkeling the nearshore reefs.

As always, kayaking and paddle boarding are activities you can do even on windy days, because you’re protected by the natural shield the mangroves create in the paths off of East Bimini. If you’d like to stay drier on your trip, grab a bike and explore the island single or tandem bike style! You just can’t stop smiling when you’re on a bicycle built for two!

FORECAST BY: Summer Farrell, Manager
Bimini Water Sports at Bimini Big Game Club Resort
Alice Town, Bimini, Bahamas
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