Wind, Water and Waves – Lower Bahamas – December 2011

Welcome to the Wind, Water, and Waves report from Rum Cay Extreme based out of Rum Cay, Bahamas! Your update on what’s going on now and what to expect!

Who needs rubbers when you get wet in the Bahamas? Get your minds out of the gutter I’m talking about wetsuits. During December and January, we look forward to weather systems from the States bringing cold fronts, which produce high surf and winds pushing from the north-northwest. The leading edges of these fronts are ideal for kiteboarding and windsurfing because they bring a cooler denser wind allowing us to sail throughout the day.

As the fronts push through, the low pressure created by the systems also bring waves averaging 4 foot to 6 foot in most spots and even 10 foot in others. The rising pressure following these fronts decreases wind speeds and opens up blue skies, cleaner waves and plenty of sunshine. Though temperatures will fall a few degrees, the water tends to stay warm enough for light tops throughout the month. While the rest of the U.S. is freezing during the holiday months, here in the lower Bahamas we are still sporting tank tops and flip flops so grab your board, come on down, and experience what Rum Cay has to offer.

FORECAST BY: Jesse Cors & Bobby Little
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