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In many ways, dreaded 2020 was a blessing for the kayak fishing world and for LKA that was no exception.

While the calendar of events and activities didn’t work out as planned, the infusion of folks new to our area or new to kayak fishing provided a welcome chance to reset the club.

This vision and calendar for 2021 presents the best balance LKA has ever offered in an attempt to meet our members wherever they are in their kayak fishing journey.

We added 60 new members last spring, many just beginning to explore this amazing sport, so we’re planning events and activities to make whatever you’re chasing an easier reach!

Help or Share Ideas

Many of these activities are still in the formative phase, and club leaders would be remiss not offering an opportunity for member involvement in the planning.

Please consider joining the planning process, we have an events committee or folks helping with single events so if you have energy or ideas and want to help please reach out on the Facebook page or lowcountrykayakanglers@gmail.com and say hi and let us know you want to help.

We’ll also have a few openings at the board level for those interested in considering that avenue and full details on the nomination process will start later this month and extend through end of March.

This club continues as long as committed, interested people wish to be involved in helping make it amazing, come be part of it.

Little Hammers and Lady Angler

The upsurge in kayak angling has not just effected the gentleman anglers that predominantly comprise our members.

Our AOY program last year saw the return of 2 “species” not much on the leader board in recent years with the return of both youth and lady anglers to the mix.

We hope this continues and are working to develop programs that welcome both audiences, as well as provide some prizes to the mix as sub-categories within the AOY program as well as offer specific programs for each.

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AOY and Fish-Ups

The Angler of the Year will return in April (membership begins in March) with some additional prizes in the mix.

There have been no repeat champions for AOY, who will step up to take the crown in 2021? We’ll also be adding youth and lady divisions back to AOY, plan now.

More details and updates to AOY are forthcoming as prizes are being gathered as well as mini-challenges developed for each month.Fish-ups (formerly Meet n Fish/Greet) are also returning, following current CDC guidelines for each event.

We’ll be focused on a few things with these for 2021 and that includes: member input on desired locations, themes for each meet-up (HOW event, ladies, kids, instructional, etc), and offer tackle/location/reports for each leading up to the events.

We’ll aim for one per month as permitted and there will be much more coming soon on this.

Tournament Trails

2021 marks the fourth anniversary of our freshwater and saltwater trail series and both are at crossroads.

The former Chucktown Kayak Bassin (CKB) partnered with LKA for our mutual benefit; CKB offered us a plug-in bass trail and we had the audience and the insurance to make it a reality.

Fast-forward to today and 2 CKB founding members developed an online bass platform called Yak Bassin’ and are happy to return the favor for our saltwater trail.

This means that for 2021, LKA will not offer a bass trail; however you will surely have many local, regional, and national opportunities as the Cooper and Santee systems continue to grow as kayak bass tournament hotbeds.

A revamped saltwater trail is nearing completion as the deadline for this article looms. With the assistance of Yak Bassin’, LKA will offer a saltwater tournament series built by tournament anglers.

This series will offer several qualifying events and covering the entire state and a live championship event in the fall.

LKA aims to meet our members at every level by offering these new and revived programs. Like last year, adjustments to the schedule and events will be made, case by case, as need requires.

LKA will foster an environment ensure that everyone that chooses to participate can do so safely.

Opportunities like fish-ups and tournaments can only continue as long as everyone is conscientious of distancing at landings or staying home if you bring risk or exposure to an event.

Let’s work together and keep advancing on the growth our sport saw last year!
Chris Tweedy, LKA President


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