St George Island / Carrabelle / Alligator Point Fishing Report: Dec 2013

aligator point red

December brings cooler weather, almost crystal clear water, and beautiful game fish to be caught. To me it doesn’t get much better unless it’s maybe a hammock installed on the boat for a siesta after a large plate of fresh fish tacos. In all reality though, the Red drum are here and they are hungry! We are talking the big girls, the real big girls! Cut mullet in 20-30 of water where you can see some action on your machine is almost a sure re way to hook up massive Bull reds. Keeper reds are on the warm shallow flats and love those top water plugs or spoons. Redfish are not the only excitement out o of Alligator Point’s spectacular waters. The Speckled trout have been exploding on top water plugs and indulging on popping corks equipped with a Zman scented with Pro Cure on a small jig. Soon, as the water clears up and the temperatures drop, the sheepshead will become more and more common. Once the water is clear enough around structure, it’s time to bring the bows. Bowfishing can be an extremely rewarding sport, and last year it was not uncommon to harvest  fifteen to twenty, 3 to 10 pound sheepshead.

Offshore, the Sea bass are increasing in numbers and size by the day. The best part of going out for Sea bass is, once grouper seasons closes, you don’t have to go more than 5-10 miles out and we can tear them up!  The grouper will still wake you up though hitting on the Sea bass rigs. Even large Red drum will bite and give a good fight offshore.  is time of year is one of my favorite times to fish. There are so many different types of species coming in and they are hungry.

If you’re down on the point and the wind is kicking, and still have that bug to bend your rod, don’t forget about beach surf fishing. The whiting are thick this time of year and all you need is a small piece of shrimp or squid on a small hook tied on a chicken rig with a weight that will keep your bait from rolling down the beach. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to throw a piece of cut bait out for the redfish that cruise up and down the beach as well. Call either Capt. Tim or me, Capt. Brittany to book your adventure now at 850-570-6424! You can also visit us on our Facebook page or web page at www. Tight lines, be safe and have some good times out there