Apalachicola River Forecast – December 2019

JJ & DeAnna Lockamy with thier 14.95 pound winning bag of bass.
JJ & DeAnna Lockamy with thier 14.95 pound winning bag of bass.

The lower end of the river and Lake Wimico has been kicking out lots of bass for anglers lately. Shrimp have been stacked up in the lake and in the Jackson River and bass have been taking full advantage. JJ and DeAnna Lockamy took advantage of the situation as well during a recent Reel Money Team Trail event out of White City. They figured out what the fish were feeding on, made adjustments to match what the bass wanted and landed the five heaviest bass for the day and took home the win!

Cold temps will change things rapidly and bass will move to the creeks flowing into the lake and river. The stable water temps and forage like shad and crawfish found there, make for an attractive place for bass to spend the winter.

Crawfish colored crankbaits will be very effective, as will jigs and Texas-rigged craws. Dark colors like black and blue work well in stained water and in cleaner water go for the green pumpkin and watermelon colors.

Despite the cold, bass will be falling for top-water plugs like a Bagley Bang O Lure, Zara Spook or a buzzbait. The cold can stun baitfish, making them disoriented and bass will be looking upward and feeding near the surface often. Spinnerbaits will also be a “go-to” lure for me all winter long.

The bass fishing on this river system is great this month and on through the winter so get out and give it a go!

Good fishing and God bless.

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