Banana Lagoon Fishing Forecast: November

Anglers working the near-shore waters can get some pretty good sized shark this month. Here is a pretty nice specimen landed by Keith Eazol.

Trout are going to be the main target for anglers this month. The 1000 Island area, Shorty’s Bank, the bombing target flat, and Horti Point can all be very good places to try for the specks during early morning periods. Larger fish will be holding in less than 2 feet of water while smaller fish will be found in the 2 to 5-foot depths. Top water plugs, soft plastic jerk shad, and gold weedless spoons are top lures this month. Don’t be surprised if you catch multiple slot sized redfish in the shallows while following the mullet pods in search of the trout. Slot sized reds like to feed on the smaller fish and crustaceans the mullet schools flush out of the sea grass beds. Bars, points, and drop-offs can also be great places to find big gator sized trout mixing with slot sized reds. Cut baits will work almost as effectively as live baitfish on most days for both of these species. Look for reds and trout to hang around dock pilings throughout this month as well.