Banana River Lagoon

Captain Jim Ross

During warmer periods this month anglers can find Speckled trout by casting soft plastic jerk baits that imitate needlefish near mangrove covered shorelines in the 1000 Island area.
Though this portion of the lagoon has been hit with devastating fish kills over the past year due to rampant pollution caused by lawn fertilizers, there are still a few species that are trying their best to make a comeback in these once pristine waters. Speckled trout and slot sized redfish can be found on the flats on calm warm days. Look for them congregating near schools or 12 to 15-inch mullet. They won’t necessarily be feeding on these large mullet, but they will use them as sentries to alert the presents of predators such as dolphin. The other reason they mill around with the mullet is to ambush baitfish and shrimp that may be flushed by the mullets feeding activities. Anglers should cast lightly weighted soft plastics near the mullet schools where the trout and reds are usually waiting to strike.

Captain Jim Ross
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