Banana River Lagoon

Capt. Jim Ross

The water quality has been very poor over the past few weeks but a few fish are still being caught out of this body of water. Black drum, redfish, and speckled trout are somehow surviving here despite the constant sewage line breaks that dump into this lagoon on a regular basis. Rapala Skitterwalk plugs are working during early morning periods on the trout and reds. Find areas with mullet pods and the trout and reds won’t be far away. By mid-morning the water temps are skyrocketing into the upper 80 to lower 90-degree range. This sends these predators searching for shade. Look for them to congregate around docks or overhanging mangrove trees. They may also go deep into the middle portions of the lagoon where water temps are slightly lower.

Capt. Jim Ross
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