Banana River Lagoon

By: Capt. Jim Ross

Jordan Phillips Mullet colored Rapala Skitterwalk plug was irresistible to this speckled trout.
We can still see the bottom of the lagoon in some places and that is a very good thing. Let’s just hope that these waters can continue on this road to recovery. The more sunlight that we can have shining on the spares areas of grass the better to help it grow. Small speckled trout continue to hold in the limited vegetation that is growing in the 3-5 foot depths in this portion of the lagoon. Live shrimp, Saltwater Assassin sea shad, and Rapala X-Rap or Sub Walk lures are enticing them to bite. Larger trout in the 17 to 25-inch range are holding in some of the extremely shallow areas of the flats. Some of these areas also have various forms of vegetation that are trying to establish themselves. Not all of this is grass, but ANY form of vegetation at this point is better than barren sand bottom. These Larger trout are very wary. Anglers need to make extremely long casts with their lures or live baits to even have a shot at them. The dawn and dusk periods are the best times to target these bigger trout. One of the best lures to use right now is the 08 sized Rapala Skitterwalk plug. Try the red head/white body, Bone, mullet, or speckled trout color patterns. You need a long rod of 7’6” to 8’ like the Memory Stix model MS 792 to help you launch these smaller lures the 50 plus yards that are often required so that the trout are not alerted to your presents. Black drum and redfish can also be found on the flats in some areas like the western shoreline and around the 1000 Islands on some days. Cut clam, sand fleas, and cut shrimp will get them to strike on most days.

Captain Jim Ross
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