Banana River Lagoon Fishing Forecast: June 2013


Trout, redfish, ladyfish and Crevalle jack will continue to make a good showing this month. This coinsides with the increase in both numbers and varieties of baitfish that will become prevalent in the Banana River Lagoon. Glass minnows, pilchards, pogies, finger mullet, and ballyhoo will all become food for the previously mentioned predators. Soft plastic lures such as the 4 or 5-inch Saltwater Assassin straight tail jerk shad and 4 inch Assassin Sea Shad (paddle tai) in avocado/red flake, chicken on a chain, salt-n-pepper, electric buzzard, or albino shad colors seem to work well. Use the darker colors on overcast days and the lighter colors when the sun is bright. Skitterwalk or X-Walk Rapala plugs are great choice when fishing around mullet schools in low light conditions. Switch to the Subwalk or Twichin’ rap plugs once the top water bite slows. Most of these fish will be located in the 3 to 5 foot depths just off the edges of the flats with the exception of the reds which will be cruising the shallows along the shorelines.