Banana River Lagoon Report: July 2014

Banana River Lagoon Speckled Trout
Upper slot-sized trout are suckers for noisy top water lures like this Rapala Skitterwalk. 7 year old Avery visiting from Texas agrees that using a Rapala Waking Minnow plug is a good way to catch slot-sized trout this month.

Speckled trout catches should remain decent in the flats during the cooler morning periods. Once the sun get up in the sky they will generally shut off though. Look for areas that mullet are congregating in and use Rapala Skitterwalk or BX “waking” minnow plugs around these schools of baitfish. These imitate injured mullet and have been very effective in targeting larger slot sized and even some “gator” trout over the past few months. Later in the day look for fish in deeper areas where cover and baitfish are present. Bridges, docks, and channel drop-offs are all good places to look during mid-day periods. Use Saltwater Assassin tails on a 1/8 to 1⁄4 ounce jig head for the deeper holding specks.