Becoming an “Elite” Surf Fishing Angler | By Jeremy Evans | South Carolina Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing is anyone’s game. Anyone can grab some bait, rods, basic tackle and head to the beach.

Surf fishing can be very rewarding or very humbling and that is where anyone & “elite” anglers have their differences.

There will be good days and bad but you always have to keep learning and improving. Ultimately, you get out what you put in.

Begin by learning to read the beach, and specifics about bottom structure. Don’t always fish in the same spot.

Think about more than just the time of year, bait and what tide other people have caught fish on.
Everyone has different tips, tricks and tactics but make your own. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and what works best for you. Setup your gear and rigging based on the species of fish you want to catch.

Begin by learning to read the beach, and specifics about bottom structure..

Keep track of patterns when you have the highest success rate, such as time of day, wind direction, tide, weather and bait for each location that you fish.

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Don’t guess, always use this knowledge that you have gained to be the most successful.  Just as you have to put in effort to be successful you also have to know when to not waste time.

So, also track the patterns when you’re least successful. Then you can narrow down the best times to fish, and the off-time can be used to study different approaches/tactics, scout new spots and gather your thoughts for the next trip.

There are no guarantees in fishing but with hard work, an open mind and confidence anyone can become an “elite” surf fishing angler.

– Jeremy Evans

The Longest Cast Surf Fishing, Charleston, SC


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