Brevard Shrimp Report: August 2015


The number one question. When are the summer shrimp going to appear in the Big Tree area of South Daytona Beach in Volusia County? We have spotted small boat flotillas in the Big Tree area and reports are there has been some success in Volusia County. Early Intel is hard to come by because this kind of shrimping does not handle a lot of pressure in the inter-coastal well.

All boaters are free styling with motors running cruising up and down the inter-coastal starting North of Dunlawton Bridge throwing cast nets as far as 20 miles north. The shrimp have appeared but you have to put in your own time to get the “where”. Good news is this month they will be so plentiful the “where” won’t be a problem. Just follow the flotilla and observe. Summer shrimping is a day time hunt using cast nets and sonar marks from a fish finder.

August the summer shrimp should be in full swing for both Volusia and Flagler Counties to include the St. John’s River further North towards Jacksonville. Jacksonville’s summer shrimp run takes off when Volusia & Flagler shut down. It is worth the 2 hour tow and many Central Floridian’s do just that to load up on buckets full of large to jumbo white shrimp. Melbourne has been kind to the trappers West side of 192. The counts have been in the triple digits and in gallons. Boaters have had the advantage dipping and setting traps.

The popular places have been East 520 Bridge in the Banana River, Eau Gallie, Pineda Causeway and West side of the 192. The causeways have been moody and not predictable. Most nights the counts are less than a dozen for the die-hards and then a magical night in the 80+ count range re-ignites the fever. The afternoon rain has fouled the waters around moon events which are not producing.

In South Brevard, you have to go to know and be willing to invest your entire night. Nevertheless, the S. Brevard and Melbourne shrimpers pledge their alliance to the shrimp and work the causeways nightly depending on each other to report back any activity. The most activity is coming out of the Banana River, east shore (100-400) counts. The summer shrimp season does not hang around Volusia County for long. Sometimes the season lasts 6 weeks and sometimes it lasts for 12 weeks. My point, is go when you can before they leave the area. Scalloping season has started off with a bang from Crystal River to Keaton Beach. Limits everywhere and the sizes are impressive too! Join our “Florida Shrimping Academy” Facebook group for daily discussions on all things crustaceans.