Brevard Shrimp Report: October 2015


The summer shrimping season is winding down (Daytona is dead). This just means to lower your expectations but don’t retire your nets. South Daytona fell apart in August after Central Florida was hit with several days of torrential rains. The shrimp that was caught in Flagler were bait size and the juice has not been worth the squeeze. However, Central Floridians make lemonade by heading further North to both Welaka and Paletka mopping up 5 gallon buckets in record time (under 3 hours, 2 anglers). The popular places being Green Cove City pier, East side of Turkey Island (Welaka) and Palatka (Condo’s).

Anglers are reporting going home with solid mediums (after culling out smalls) with 20% of large sizes mixed in. Welaka averaging 15 – 30 a pull, and Condo’s averaging 50 -60 a pull during the 20 minute slack tide. The key thing I am hearing is the shrimp have been consistently pushing off the bottom at SLACK tide at the Condo’s. Where are these Condo’s? From Deland, take US 17 North past Crescent City to Pomonda Park, left at stoplight on to 308-B (takes you to ramp). Head South from ramp 1 mile to the Condo’s. The drive may be 2 hours or less, but well worth the trip!

Melbourne still reporting “heart”, meaning they invest a lot of time and effort and go home with a shrimp cocktail for one. We are noting anglers are pulling out their winter shrimp gear anticipating a little action end of October and November. Personally, I don’t get serious until January in Oak Hill but have been known to limit in December. A tight knit group of anglers will be working Haulover Canal in Brevard starting this month and will take their intel to the grave.

This is a great month to harass some nice black drum and redfish too. Just bring a dip net with you. Oak Hill has also had years where they get a spot run of big shrimp passing through in October. Is this going to be one of those years? You have to go to know. Titusville pier is not reporting activity worth mentioning. Breaking news, the mono- filament frame or box nets are ILLEGAL due to the material choice of mono- filament. The statute 68B-4.0081 Article X, section 16 of the Florida constitution states, “…any net constructed wholly or partially of mono-filament of any size is prohibited other than a hand thrown cast net, dip or landing nets”. The nets must be made of polypropylene, nylon, cotton, or linen. FWC will be enforcing this statute.