Brevard Surf Fishing Forecast: May 2014

surf fishing
M ay is a transitional month into summer and also the start of the Annual Sea Turtle Nesting Season (May 1st to October 31st) along the Brevard County Beaches. This is a special time when the surf anglers, joggers/walkers, visitors, and families can see nature at its best. Loggerhead, Green and Leatherback Sea Turtles come ashore and lay their eggs where we fish and play. As the season progresses, one will be able to stand on just about any Brevard County Beach Crossover and count the number of sea turtles that have come ashore the previous night by their tracks in the sand.

Each species of sea turtle leaves a distinctive trail as they crawl up the beach to the dune line, dig a hole with their flippers and lay some 100 eggs, then cover the nest and leave another trail as they return to the sea. With a little practice and information available at the Barrier Island Center you can even determine which turtle left the track you are observing. Read below for more information and registration.

My April fishing was ok and to some extent expected because of the beach restoration projects. Fresh clams and shrimp were the bait of choice and accounted for drum, sheepshead, whiting and pompano. Sand fleas were hard to find and many anglers believe the culprit was the numerous projects on our beaches. Anglers fishing early and late in the day did catch their share of our favorite’s (pompano) and whiting. All in all it was just fair fishing but, great being on the beaches. Outstanding sunrises and many days with fishable conditions made my month.

Suggested fishing tactic for May: walk the beach with a 7/8 foot rod and reel with a few hard plastic lures in the floating (popping) and sinking (sub surface) variety for fishing close to shore on a rising tide. I like to park at the selected beach, taking rod/reel and a small back pack with just what I need to fish. I practice and fish with each of the three or four lures I bring.  I will be fishing for left over blues, small sharks and reds while I do this and also preparing for the warmer months when the bigger fish are in close to shore. Note: Wash the used lures off in fresh water after your outing and you will keep them longer and they won’t rust out.

Wherever you go and however you fish, sea grasses and dirty water are a plague to the surf angler. Look for beaches with clean water and raising tides. Shrimp and clams are still the hot baits and the earlier the better. Look hard at each fishing location and make sure you want to fish there before you start unpacking.

Note: Sea Turtle Walk Reservations
Starting May 1st the Barrier Island Center will start taking reservations for the June and July Guided Sea Turtle Walks. The Walks take place at 9 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings in June and July.  A donation of $10 per person helps the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) fund these and other Endangered Sea Turtle programs.  The group sizes are fixed at 20 people per group and they fill up rapidly.  If you would like to see nature as it has been for millions of year’s its right on our doorstep. Young and old alike find this program educational and rewarding. Visit for more information and to make your reservations.