Brevard Surf Fishing Report: August 2015

Jon caught this 3 ft Sharp Nose Shark on the South Beaches.
Jon caught this 3 ft Sharp Nose Shark on the South Beaches.

J uly saw reasonable catches for whiting, sharks and bait fish in the surf troughs. Those who fished early mornings with fresh clams and shrimp got the best results.

Augusts’ outlook is for more of the same. Because of the heat, I try to get to the beach before sunrise and off it by 10am at the latest. With calm seas and little to no wind there’s not much action in the surf these days. So under the current conditions either tide will produce for the angler if the water is clean.

August Tip: Right about now I change my surf fishing tactics to lighter surf casting gear. I use a 7/8 foot med/heavy spinning rod with reel. The reel is spooled with braided line in the 20-30 pound test class. I carry very little while fishing and just what is need to catch and land a 31 and 3⁄4 inch snook. I use a small back pack or shoulder bag to hold tackle. In the bag I have the basics: rag, 3-0/4-0 circle hooks, leader material; 30/40 pound test fluorocarbon, a few barrel sinkers, swivels, split shot, sunglasses, 3 lures (one each: popping- sinking and a gator spoon) knife and camera. The idea is to keep it light when you are walking and casting.

My plan is to walk the beaches casting for big fish in the troughs. I will be gearing up for the annual mullet run which usually takes place along our beaches between late August and mid- September coinciding with the opening of snook season which is 1 September. I believe the finger mullet along the northern east coast react to the cold water temperatures in the north and migrate south for warmer conditions during the late summer months. Snook, redfish and other big fish gather close to shore (in the troughs) to feed on the fingerlings as they pass overhead. The sports pages will have numerous reports on the “mullet run” and fish stories will circulate about chance catches of snook and reds in the surf. Therefore, surf casting becomes one of my go to fishing methods during this transitional period.