Brevard Surf Fishing Report: June 2013


Cocoa Beach to Melbourne Beach Surf Anglers are reporting great catches. Reds, black drum, whiting, ladyfish and Sharks are close in and feeding on the bait schools. Shrimp, clams and mullet are the select baits currently and producing all along the 72 mile Brevard County Coast. With the arrival of the summer months the surf angler will have to learn to share the beach space. Schools will be out and families/visitors will be using the beaches daily to swim, sun, jog, bike, exercise or just stroll. There will be a great many people on the beach and the surf angler has to adjust to these added pressures. Below are some of my summer time survival tactics for the recreational or avid surf angler.

June fishing tactics
  1. Fish the small beaches not large public ones.
  2. Go fishing before the sun is up and be prepared to leave the beach before 10 am.
  3. Watch out for others while casting and/or retrieving your tackle.
  4. Don’t get to close to the posted life guard areas. This is where the families go first.
  5. Keep your eyes open to whom and what is around you. If you feel cramped it’s time to move.
  6. Finally, I suggest that you can also fish from 6 to 9 pm. You will find the beaches less congested and cooler in that part of the day.

So if you can adjust your fishing to evening hours, summer on the Brevard County Coast can be your time of the year.