Bethel Marine’s Big Bash!

To say Bethel has been around a long time is an understatement. Starting back in 1971 in a small store in Melbourne, Bethel Marine Electronics has been taking care of boaters and fisherman's electronics needs for more than 42 years.Sep 26th, 2013

Captain Rodney’s Corner

I look forward to my birthday with anticipation every year. Not because of the pending great celebration, or my greed for gifts, but simply because it falls within a week of the first day of fall! In truth, I'm like Charlie Brown. Aug 27th, 2013

How to Freeline A Shrimp

Many anglers use WAY too large of a hook for their shrimp. You want to use a hook that's small enough to allow your bait to flow freely and swim naturally in the water. Aug 16th, 2013

The Essential Skill that Will Catch You More Fish

Have you ever wondered why some anglers always seem to do well on their fishing excursions? You know them. They’re the anglers that are always catching the big one. They’re always catching more fish than you. You can fish side-by-side with them and they’ll still catch more fish than you do. Aug 15th, 2013

A Letter to the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners

Concerning the location of a new cruise terminal where the Freddie Patrick Park and boat ramps are currently located...Aug 7th, 2013

Getting Rigged Up For Florida Surf Fishing

John Detmer demonstrates how to get rigged up for a day of Surf Fishing on the Florida Space Coast. Jul 31st, 2013

Florida Surf Fishing Equipment You Need to Get Started

John Detmer explains what equipment you need to get started with Surf Fishing in Florida. Jul 29th, 2013

Captain Rodney’s Corner

Moving to Florida 's Indian River Lagoon (IRL) coast more than thirty years ago, my wife and I discovered a slice of nirvana-like barrier island wedged between the IRL and the Atlantic Ocean, about an hour east of Orlando. In those days fishing was incredible, the pace of life laid back — a perfect place to raise a family on a fishing guide's wagesJul 28th, 2013

Red Snapper in Cheese Sauce

NOAA finally announced the dates for the Recreational Red snapper season. The dates are August 23rd – 25th so I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a recipe for Red snapper (I can taste it now!). However, if you can’t make it out for the mini-season this recipe can be made with any firm fleshed fish including dolphin, tilapia, or grouper. Jul 28th, 2013

Improve Your Surf Casting Technique With these Simple Tips

Surf Fishing Guru, John Detmer, explains the fundamental techniques that can significantly increase your surf casting distance and accuracy, whether you're an experienced surf angler or just getting started in the sport. Jul 26th, 2013