Big trout like this one caught with get happy when it cools and the mullet move.


Capt. Alex Gorichky As summer ends on the Space Coast and the north winds start to blow. Hordes of transient … Oct 1st, 2018


Capt. Alex Gorichky Run mullet, run! Welcome to the apex of what could be considered the best time to fish … Sep 1st, 2018


Capt. Alex Gorichky For some the thought of fly fishing as an added skill in your quiver brings fearful daydreams. … Aug 1st, 2018
Mark Kazmerick scored this heavy kingfish on a Local Lines Kayak fishing charter.

Kayak Report

Capt. Alex Gorichky Some anglers look at summer on the Space Coast with distain, but for me the warm muggy … Jul 1st, 2018
Snook is always a welcome visitor on kayak trip with


Capt. Alex Gorichky Summer is here and it’s the end of school for our young ones, so let’s get them … Jun 1st, 2018
DJ Allen bested this stud tarpon off Cocoa Beach with


Capt. Alex Gorichky With fingers crossed we will have a banner May in the Atlantic. Shake off those brown lagoon … May 1st, 2018
Redfish are always welcome bycatch when seatrout fishing with soft plastics on a Local Lines charter trip.

Brevard Kayak Report – April 2018

Spring is coming to the Space Coast and the fishing will heat up with the weather. The winds can prove … Apr 1st, 2018
Seatrout time on the Space Coast with

Brevard Kayak Report – March 2018

Capt. Alex Gorichky Of the many different seasonal and resident fisheries’ that are available just east of Orlando on the … Mar 1st, 2018
A slow approach and high sun were the ticket for this sightfished red for Capt. Alex of

Brevard Kayak Report – February 2018

Capt. Alex Gorichky February in central Florida is different than areas north of this region. While areas just a few … Feb 1st, 2018
Chuck Levi spent some time kayak fishing at Los Buzos Lodge in Panama and was rewarded with an awesome fly rod caught Pacific mahi

Brevard Kayak Report – January 2018

The world of kayak fishing as an industry is ever changing and the rapid expansion of this sport is having some pretty amazing side effects.Jan 1st, 2018