Kayak Report

Capt. Alex Gorichky With summer settling into central Florida many things can be expected. Afternoon thunderstorms will become a daily … June 2, 2017

Kayak Report

Capt. Alex Gorichky We have an amazing amount of kayak fishing areas here on the Space Coast. From the back … May 2, 2017

Kayak Report

By: Capt. Alex Gorichky April is a month stuffed full of fun with everything from spawns to transitions keeping Space … April 1, 2017

Kayak Report

By Capt. Alex Gorichky It’s tough to sit and write of impending spring fishing on the Space Coast this year. … March 1, 2017

Kayak Report

Capt. Alex Gorichky February can be a tough month for Space Coast Anglers, but those with kayaks gain an advantage. … February 1, 2017

Kayak Report

By Capt. Alex Gorichky Low water and sheep herding is the ticket for fishy fun during our Space Coast January. … January 22, 2017

Kayaking In Brevard Report May 2016

The Mangrove Snapper SpeciesApril 30, 2016

Kayaking in Brevard Report: Nov. 2015

November has crept in and fall came with a bang this year. We enjoyed a fantastic mullet run and the … November 17, 2015

Kayak Fishing Report: October 2015

Thank goodness for fall. I always get a little pep in my step this time of year, and it’s not for the reason most Floridians would think. No, this native boy doesn’t enjoy cooler weather. Actually, I personally despise the cool/cold, and beg for it to leave me be. One thing gathers my focus and it’s a big one for those of us that enjoy the fishier side of life. Pssst! The mullet are running. This is the time of year that every predator packs on the pounds before the impending winter chill. Our typically hefty bait populations will get a massive boost in number as transients from parts north join the mix. Each cold front that sweeps through the Southeast will bring another wave of the finned buffet. Both Lagoons and coastal waters will be bursting at the seams, so get your gear and go fishing.October 2, 2015

Kayak Report: Sept. 2015

September is here and the Space Coast kayak fishing opportunities are numerous. The beaches are swarming with bait and large … September 10, 2015