Brevard Kayak Report – April 2018

Redfish are always welcome bycatch when seatrout fishing with soft plastics on a Local Lines charter trip.
Redfish are always welcome bycatch when seatrout fishing with soft plastics on a Local Lines charter trip.

Spring is coming to the Space Coast and the fishing will heat up with the weather. The winds can prove a bit challenging for us in the spring, but those same winds will help the draw the water levels up too. The higher water levels will give our lagoon fish some new hiding spots in the shoreline mangroves. Redfish, trout, and snook will stay close to this cover. Shallow draft kayaks and canoes will all have the ability to work close to the shore and score some great fish. The loss of sea-grasses over the past few years is starting to change some of the fish’s habits and those shoreline mangroves along with docks are prime spots now. Spring also signifies the start of our Sea-Trout spawn on both the Indian and Banana River Lagoons. These large breeding trout are at their most aggressive in the spring months as they pack on the pounds. Moon events (new & full) will get them to “do-the-deed” and the days around those events can be magic. Most folks enjoy fishing these with topwater plugs like the Zara Spook that elicit explosive strikes. Fight these fish carefully due to their paper thin mouths as to not pull the hooks out. Though it is legal to keep one of these large trout (over 20inch) as part of your daily catch limit! I encourage people to let all trout over 22inches swim free. These are almost all females and have much more pressing things to do (ie. Spawn) than meet the grease.

The cobia run should take full effect and weather windows early in the month will give solid opportunity. A Cobia is most comfortable in water from 68-72 degrees, and though we hit those temps for a short time in February the water should be right off the Space Coast this month too. Large colorful buck tail jigs and live baits are best to tempt these magnificent fish as they buddy with manta rays, hang on structure, stalk weed-lines, and free swim in pods. 15-30 pound spinning rods should be able to handle even the largest cobia, and most average in the 10-25 pound range. Many times tripletail can be found in the same waters, so always have a lighter rod with a live shrimp or Slayer Inc. SST (3inch Paddle Tail soft plastic) rigged and ready. As spring progresses and the South-East winds blow steady; large grass mats will begin to push in along the coast. These floating “cities” will have the both Cobia and Tripletail in tow.

Capt. Alex Gorichky
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