Canaveral Offshore Fishing Report: August 2014


Hope everyone got out to enjoy our privileged American Red Snapper season (what a joke). Everyone I know had their limits quickly and then released many more. But wait, they’re extinct! Politics I guess? Whatever!

Here’s a little of what we can expect for this month. HEAT; it has been absolutely ridiculously hot lately and expected to get hotter. Along with the heat, expect the afternoon storms to increase. Keep plenty of water, sunscreen and ice on the boat and try to keep cool. A wet towel on the back of your neck will do wonders. Safety first!

As far as fishing is concerned the beach usually gets much better. The water should be very clean and warm. Tarpon, jacks, kings and other predator fish are usually stacked this time of year close and make fishing fun. Bait should also be a little easier to get as its more consistent. For some reason it stacks up in the bight this time of year. (Bight of the port is to the left outside the inlet up near the lighthouse.) Another thing I think we can expect is the thermal cline to move in. This is the cold water upwelling that moves in from offshore and shuts down most of the bottom fishing. This thermal cline also forces many fish to come up including cobia so be on the lookout for those! They made a great showing last month too. Wreck fishing usually improves this month too. All the wrecks are awesome. If you can get a calm day and anchor and chum you will be amazed at what comes up to check you out. Check out your machine and see how it lights up.


If you have some pictures to share for the Coastal Angler brag board please send them to Have a great August from your premier fishing guide charter of Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral, Orlando Florida area. Stay safe and good luck!