Canaveral Offshore Report: Sept. 2015


What can we expect to see in September? That’s a really darn good question. If its anything like the last several months its basically unpredictable! I have only been charter fishing out of Canaveral for about 10 years now and I still have so much to learn. This year has been completely odd/off to say the least. Lets start with bait. Pogies have been basically extinct. So the normal run to the pier and throw the net a few times and go to 8 A has not happened. Instead we search for schools of scalies, greenies, blue runners or threadfins in hopes of sabikiing the baits. Then we gotta go to where we think the fish are… Has been tough to say the least. But I must also admit that fishing has been pretty decent as long as you can find the right bait. As for predicting the next month as of now will be tough. We are still dealing with the thermocline issues. If you hit all the wrecks you will find AJ and snapper still towards the mid to top of the water column. They will eat jigs tipped with squid and any live bait that swims down. We should see the water warming up soon and that should bring back the pogies a little more consistently. Many of the baits have been on all the buoys and cans to the north. Take your live bait to your favorite fishing spots and try it out. This is all we have been doing. Bouncing from spot to spot to make our days work. Remember it’s fishing and not catching. Any day exploring out there is better than not!

Shark fishing has been pretty decent.

Mid-day has been the best time lately. Best baits are chunks of bonita and barracuda. Fish in the 20-30 foot depths both north and south of the Cocoa Beach pier. Good luck!

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