Captain Mark Wright


When it comes to fishing the waters around Brevard County few know the territory better than Capt. Mark Wright. Mark grew up in the little town of Sandusky Ohio. He lived for the summers at his grandparent’s house on Lake Erie. Mark explains

“I really don’t remember how young I was when I started fishing. I grew up with a fishing pole in my hands. It was simple fishing back then, yellow perch and catfish but I loved it and that’s where the passion was born.”


Marks father relocated the family to Jensen Beach, Florida when he was 12, initially he was upset he had to leave Ohio but within a few weeks of living in Florida, Mark couldn’t thank his father enough. The fishing was like nothing he had ever experienced.  Mark and his family moved to Titusville in the early 1990’s. At this time he found work as a commercial fisherman targeting many different species such as seatrout, mullet, pompano and kingfish. Heavy state regulation of these fisheries forced many commercial fishermen out and in 1998 he decided to start his charter business. Mark explains,

“It hurt a lot of people who relied on commercial fishing to make a living but looking back it was the best thing that happened to me.”

Mark is willing to take his clients all over our waters from the lagoons (Mosquito, Banana and Indian River) to Port Canaveral & Sebastian Inlet and even nearshore off the beaches. This opens up many opportunities for targeting different species. I asked Mark what is his favorite fish to target and he replied

“Since I really enjoy light tackle fishing it has to be snook. I don’t target them as much in the north end of the county because there are not as many as down south but for my customers that can cast docks & mangroves snook are my favorite.”

However, since Mark typically charters the north end of Brevard County many of his customers want to target redfish in the world famous Mosquito Lagoon so I asked Mark what’s so special about Mosquito Lagoon,

“For our area, Central Florida, there are more redfish per acre of water than anywhere else in this area, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to catch them. My favorite way to fish for these redfish is to sight fish for them.”


With this method, anglers need to be accurate with their casting and understand twelve o’clock, but even if you are a novice angler you are in good hands. One area in particular Mark enjoys the most about his charters is teaching. I asked Mark what would you like us to know about captain Mark Wright and he replied

“I know you are going to find this funny but most would think that catching fish is my primary goal, don’t get me wrong, it’s right at the top but my primary goal is taking my customers out and bringing them home safely, and I love to teach.”

The next time you are interested in hiring a charter captain for a great day on the water, Capt. Mark Wright is your guy. Mark can be contacted at 321-302-3474 or by email at Tell him Damon sent you.