Charleston November Fishing Forecast By Capt. Mark Phelps

Charleston is a great place to go fishing in November. Weather is cool, there is low humidity, and fishing is great.

November will see cool mornings and mild days. This time of the year we focus on trout and redfish.

November will bring the first frost and the fish will go crazy. They will be hungry but there will be less bait in the water.

That means redfish and trout will be very willing to eat artificial lures and flies with little hesitation.

Fishing for trout can be all or nothing this time of the year.

The cooler weather and lack of bait will have trout schooled up and moving to find warm water and food.

November will see cool mornings and mild days. This time of the year we focus on trout and redfish.

This means you might hit a few of your favorite trout spots and get nothing. However, if you get to a spot where the trout are, they will be hungry and in large numbers.

On a good day you might catch 30-50 fish in an hour or so. Try floating a DOA shrimp under a cork or try a jig and grub on the bottom in your favorite color.

It is important to know that as the water cools off you will need to fish slower! Red fishing will be at its best in November.

Redfish can tolerate the colder water better than the trout and all the bait fish.

They will take advantage of the sluggish bait and clear water to hunt down anything they see.

Red fishing will be at its best in November

Redfish will be in large schools around low tide. Sight casting to them should be fantastic as it will not be uncommon to see 100+ fish in a school!

Work the schools slowly and be quiet.  With 200 eyes and lot of ears they can hear and see very well and spook easily.

However, if you get close enough to the school to cast a light artificial or fly they will often eat anything you put in front of them.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a school of 100 redfish in the 5-15 lb range coming down the bank!

A great way to spend the day on the water is to book one of the area’s great guides.

Having fished in Charleston for almost twenty four years, I am extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this area.

As owner and operator of Shore Thang Charters, I would love to share my expertise with you on the water.

Captain Mark Phelps / Shore Thang Charters



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