December Brings Cool Weather and A Hot Bite

In December, fishing is one of the best gifts of the holiday season. For the most part, shrimp and finger mullet will have left the creeks; however, the water will still be sufficiently warm that predators are actively feeding. This combination of events provides anglers with some of the best trout and redfish action of the year.


Trout are more sensitive to dropping water temperatures, so this month they tend to congregate around channels and submerged ledges where the temperature is more stable. On warm and sunny days, it is not unusual for them to move from the depths to the shallows. Regardless of the location, trout will be looking to eat. As they will be a bit chilly, a slow presentation will get more strikes. Slowly bouncing a Z-Man MinnowZ on a quarter ounce lead-head jig along the bottom is a good way to catch mid-winter trout.


Redfish will be in large schools in the shallows in December. During the winter, redfish are subjected to increasing dolphin predation and angling pressure, which can make them pretty wary. Therefore, a stealthy approach and a long cast, with a soft landing lure, are critical elements for consistent success. For long casts, I use a 7-foot medium light rod, namely a St. Croix AVID inshore. For lures that land softly, it is hard to beat a Z-Man 4-inch PaddlerZ on a 3/0 or 4/0 eighth-ounce flutter hook. When working a school of redfish, take an extra moment to identify the front of the school and cast well ahead of it. Do not overwork or bring the lure towards the school, as this makes them crazy. On most days, simply letting the lure slowly sink in front of the school gets the most results.


December is full of holiday activities. Amid all the hustle and bustle, try to remember that fishing in December is one of the greatest gifts you can share with family and friends. Happy Holidays!


Capt. Greg Peralta

(843) 224-0099