PRO’S CORNER: Do You Buff? Sun Protection & Cancer Prevention

As we move out of the summer months into some awesome Fall fishing action, the sun will continue to damage your skin and literally threaten your life. I’m not trying to scare anyone from spending time on the water, but the truth is that the sun’s rays can be deadly! This is why protecting yourself and getting checked by a dermatologist is so important.

Sunblock is a given requirement, but proper clothing is often overlooked or neglected because many feel it would make them too hot, but covered skin stays cooler than burnt skin. If you haven’t tried some of the technical gear available for sun protection, you really should. Many lines of clothing are available that cover, cool and ventilate so finding long sleeve shirts, pants, gloves and a buff (face mask) shouldn’t be difficult. Cover that nose with a buff, it’s poking out from your face getting sunburnt all the time!

Some of the qualities you want to look for are fabrics that are moisture wicking, have a UPF rating of 50+ and anti-microbial to keep the stink away! I’ve been using shirts and masks manufactured by Gillz LLC, they have all these listed qualities plus they’re constructed to utilize any available air movement to ventilate, keeping you cooler. See more at

Angler’s hands are prime places for sunburn so cover them too. A good pair of gloves not only serves for sun protection but they make for better handling of fish and gear. The Fish Monkey line of fishing gloves has proven to be a winner in my book – comfortable, tough and stylish. See

If you have any doubt about spots or moles on your skin, have them looked at by a dermatologist. When it comes to the treatment of skin cancers, sooner is always better so don’t delay!

~ Capt. Randy (C-note) Cnota