Space Coast Surf Fishing Forecast – April 2024

Spring surf fishing on the Space Coast equates to big catches of pompano, whiting, flounder and sharks. Pompano infiltrate local area waters as they make their way back north for the summertime. Meanwhile, look for whiting on the inside trough or second trough as they peruse the surf for crustaceans. In addition, we’ll see flounder ambushing bait in the first trough near Patrick Air Force Base south to Sebastian Inlet. Furthermore, the Blacktip shark run is in full swing! For those interested in catching these strong, acrobatic species from the beach, April is a great month.

“Pompano on Parade” as we circle back to the spring run which can provide great spurts of schooling fish. The key to finding and staying on these schools of pompano will directly relate to water temperature and clarity. With that being said, pompano prefer water temps ranging from 66-74 degrees. Not only do they prefer specific water temps, but water clarity holds the key for getting on the bite. Shades of green and blue, Caribbean sea colors, make for the most probable scenario.

Catching pompano in the surf can be tricky for most anglers, regardless of their experience. Pompano are simply one tough species because of their patterns to move and cover so much ground. There one day and gone the next! “Should of been here yesterday,” pompano stories are enough to drive one crazy. But we’re here to inform and guide you to pompano success. If you’re still not having the pompano fortune you desire, simply read these articles and/or contact us to book a trip or lesson.

Fishing for the much desired pompano will indirectly lead to decent bycatches of whiting, black drum and bluefish without the predetermined effort. Pompano rigs with chartreuse floats and pearl colored beads make a great combination in the spring! In addition, Fishbites electric chicken crab scent is highly recommended in tipping your pompano rigs. The combination of Fishbites paired with live sand fleas, fresh shrimp and clams will produce the knockout punch you’re looking for.

Lastly, the flounder run kicks off in the spring months from March through May. Using artificial lures such as swim baits, buck tails and diving plugs produce ocean-roaming flounder year after year. The excitement of casting lures with light-to-medium action rods make for a fun and exciting surf fishing adventure. Consider working artificial lures or live baits close to the shore in the first and second trough in order to target these camouflage ambush predators.

You can’t any of these fish at home, so hit the surf during this pristine time of year!

Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters
(321) 205-4672

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