Fish Tales Brevard Surf – November 2022

It’s a good time to get out to fish the Space Coast beaches for multiple species. Now that the fall mullet run has passed, and the water temperature is starting to fall, a lot of whiting and pompano are showing up in the surf. The best way to start the day is fishing at daybreak in the first or second trough until you find the bite, then move all your poles to the same distance from shore for a fun filled day. By 9 a.m., when the beach walkers and swimmers start showing up, your cooler should be full of the day’s catch and ready to go. I usually use my homemade pompano rigs that I build from kits purchased off Amazon and, depending on the wave heights and currents, start with a 3 oz. pyramid sinker. Some of the best bait I have found to use for catching pompano and whiting are a combo of cut pieces of shrimp and tip the hook with a fish bite in orange and white or electric chicken color.  The thing about fishing the surf is you never really know for sure what you will hook up with. I have caught several different species from one cast to the next at the same spot. But you can be assured this time of the year you will be catching some nice sized whiting and some pompano in the mix. Those together will make a great day of fun, excitement and provide the family with a nice meal that afternoon. So, get out early, find the fish and treat yourself to some fresh Florida seafood. Don’t forget to ice them down and clean them as soon as possible.

“Keep Your Toes in the Sand and Those Reels Cranking!”

By Gary Carney
GO2 Weapons Inc.

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