Fishing Forecast: Shrimp Report

Breaking News! The white shrimp have arrived in South Daytona setting off a frenzy ƒflotilla of 100 boats on the weekends. Confetti is ƒflying and horns are blowing tooting about how big the shrimp are this season. The shrimp are so plentiful in the river, the seasoned vets are culling out the smaller sizes. The reports in early July were encouraging with reports of 5 gallons with a large majority of large to jumbo size.

August is only going to fuel this frenzy! But what we don’t know in August is where the hot spots will be. In 2011, Daytona shut down 6 weeks aŠfter the season started but we anticipate a much stronger season in Volusia County between CM43-CM50. Flagler County is also reporting shrimp activity with mixed sizes between CM4 – CM14.Chase the outgoing tide, the best being slack to the first half of outgoing tide. Shrimping can be unpredictable.

Check the reports daily at the Shrimping Academy [] so you can follow the daily migration of these shrimp. Remember, while cast netting you are an obstruction in the channel for traveling boats who have the right of way. In the speed zone they can throw you a 3 foot wake that could ƒ ip your boat. On a side note, if you love to go scalloping like I do, both Homossasa and Steinhatchee are giving up limits. Rumor has it, Homosassa has some mind blowing scallop shells that fattened up over the warm winter. Don’t discount Crystal River which seems to be the favorite hot spot this year due to water clarity and easy quick limits. We are Intel central a free on-line message board community with 2000+ members sharing fishing, shrimping and scalloping reports through out Central Florida. Post your shrimping report and earn lottery tickets for prizes, post a picture with your shrimp report and earn an extra ticket.

Captain Lee Noga
Academy of shrimping