Fishing With The Kids

Fishing of any kind with a kid can be the most rewarding experience you’ll ever have on the water. In contrast, if it goes bad, its enough to leave you with gritted teeth and handfuls of hair as you march home vowing to take up golf.

The number one thing to remeber is that this is about the kids. Its not about that bass you’ve been stalking or that redfish flat you’ve been wanting to try.

They need to have fun most importantly, and never need to feel pressured or pushed. Who cares if you dont catch anything- the kids will have a blast and will never forget the time spent with you.

Kids pick up the fly cast very easily in my experience

OK, so thats #1. #2- pinching down the barbs on the hooks makes life easier for all involved.

Kids pick up the fly cast very easily in my experience…stopping the rod in the correct position makes the fly cast right? Its the same whether its a spinning rod, fly rod, or Zebco 33 spincast.

You must stop the rod to cast correctly. Short casts with topwater poppers in small stocked bream ponds are a sure bet to gain experience, confidence, and smiles. The poppers are visual and minimize snags on the bottom.

Keep it light and easy, let them bring a coloring book or their toys- they dont have to fish, there are loads of natural wonders for them to take in.
Whenever you hook a fish, they will instantly come alive with curiousity and questions. Let them fight the fish in if they’re able. Show off the fishes features and colors- make it exciting for them!

The SCDNR has tons of programs for kids and the US Fish and Wildlife Hatchery has a kids fishing rodeo on Wadmalaw Island this month, these are great programs for any young angler.

Small children and life jackets tend to hate each other but make it fun

If the kids are a little older, or you boat often, taking them out is the next step. Small children and life jackets tend to hate each other but make it fun.

Blow up a kiddie pool in the yard beforehand and let them get used to wearing it. Make it law…no PFD- no boat.

My oldest memories are fishing with my parents and grandparents. I’m sure I would not have found this passion without them, but who knows. Make sure your kids have a chance to become a sportsman.

Take one, Make one. They will learn so much about themselves and develop a respect and love for the world around them.

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