FIshy Fishy

Finally. The fish are here! lets start with the kings. Most kings right now are in the high 20lb range. and I’ve seen many over 40lbs this week. the best bait to use right now is live pogies. They have been hard to get but make sure you get enough to chum with as well. As you let your bait out, dump a net full of baits with it. Use #4 or #5 wire with 3x treble hooks. use a stinger rig. Pogies can be hooked through the nostrils or the top behind the head. your local reefs have been producing just fine. the fish are not really on the beach yet. but it won’t be long since thats where the bait is. I have seen several fish sky in shallow water.
Sharks. Shark fishing is not something everyone likes to go for but many do… they are fun and put up a fight. Fresh bonita has been working great. You can also use bluefish and ladyfish. The rig to use is a 10/0 hook with a shot of 9 wire to your main. 3-4 foot works fine. since there is plenty of bait around, don’t hesitate to throw a live fish out.
Don’t give up on the cobia yet. they are still around and they have been hungry. there moving fast, last week they went from Patric to ponce in 2 days time. just gotta be out there and get lucky….thats fishing.