Fishy Nurse Adventures ~ Stay Safe Everyone!

Well the Covid-19 virus has been effecting us all and with my job it’s put me in the front lines.

I have been fortunate to have a boat already in the water so when the boat ramps got shut down I was still able to keep my fishing therapy and believe me it has been much needed!

It’s been fun to watch people who usually fish saltwater learn freshwater and to see people actually spending quality time with their families more.

I have utilized some time working on my top water skills.  Being in the front lines of healthcare have been pretty scary and stressful.

As I’m sure daily life has been for most people. It’s the uncertainty that scares us all.


Ironically buffs that we use to keep us safe from the sun can now be used as a mask if you double it up!

Fun facts learned thanks to mask shortages and a passion for fishing.

Living on the coast for years this is has been like working during a hurricane but we keep waiting and praying the storm won’t be too bad.

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Hopefully everyone has been safe and soon this scare will be over.

Trying to stay positive has played a big factor in happiness for myself and my friends.

I was luckily enough to get on a decent wahoo and had to rock a three man crew. Talk about some team work to land that fish!

We unfortunately lost one at the boat but believe me when I say we were more than thrilled when we hooked another one and landed it!

It was nice to push offshore and not have the phones working for 8 hours to just feel normal again.

And not have to listen to the news was more than amazing!

With the boat ramps opening back up I hope everyone plays by the rules so this little bit of freedom isn’t taken away!

So please stay safe and wear your masks or buffs and WASH your hands so you can read us again next month!

Tight lines and stay safe!

Mandy Henderson is a night cardiac nurse in Charleston, on her days off she loves to fish as often as she can!  You can visit her on Instagram @onefishynurse 


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