Fishy Nurse Adventures ~ Summer Time

Oh sweet summer time is finally here and of course beating the heat on the water is my favorite part of it!

So many options of what to fish for and where to fish for them! I’m more than excited to see that the wonderful DNR has opened a few days up again for snapper fishing offshore!

Currently looking forward to July to get on the red snapper myself and hope that the seas will lay down enough for us to get out there to do it!

Just keep checking the dates with SCDNR because if the seas don’t cooperate they will usually grant us recreational anglers a few extra days!

One of the best parts about bottom fishing is that you don’t have to leave the dock early for the early morning bite and you don’t always have to push out to extremely deep waters!

Also make sure to check your fishing license because they used to always expire around the first of July so friendly reminder for those of us who have been keeping it that way you might be expiring soon!!!

Avoid that $300 ticket and time in court! Bottom fishing is so much fun if you’ve never been and great for any angler even the junior anglers because it’s pretty action packed!

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It’s always a surprise dropping down to the bottom and reeling up and seeing if you got lucky enough to catch a snapper or grouper!

I got extremely lucky one time during snapper season and managed to pull up an African Pompano!

I had been catching amber jacks all day and was getting frustrated and then finally reeled up a huge treat!!!

I don’t think there wasn’t a smile on that boat because that was a wild card!!!

So hopefully you will get out this summer and try some bottom fishing and maybe win the fishing lottery and pull up a snapper or heck even a Pompano!!!

Any way you get out there, just go and make some new memories! Tight lines and don’t forget the sunscreen – Mandy

Mandy Henderson is a night cardiac nurse in Charleston, on her days off she loves to fish as often as she can!  You can visit her on Instagram @onefishynurse 


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