Fishy Nurse Adventures ~ Thank You To The Fishing Community!

Oh the dog days are upon us… the past month has been crazy at work with the COVID crisis and I’ve been working a lot of overtime along with many of my coworkers to try and help out.

I know everyone is ready for it to just be over already and get back to normal!

I will have to say my coworkers and many nurses owe a huge THANK You to the fishing community!

So many people in the fishing community have supported us and brought and donated so much food to help fuel us!

When you’re working short handed constantly, that little bit of help has meant so much to us and really makes a huge difference!

Definitely looking forward to getting back and attempting to land a tarpon in Charleston

Now onto August and ready to fish on my days off!!!

I take a trip down to Marathon Key in August to go get into Lobster season and do some fishing!

Looking for a different local restaurant experience? We recommend trying the Salty Dog Cafe at Bohicket Marina, sit on their deck and enjoy beautiful sunsets over the lowcountry! click above for more info


We usually manage to find some juvenile tarpon to jump too.

Definitely looking forward to getting back and attempting to land a tarpon in Charleston but that’s just a bucket list item for me!

The one great thing about trying to find a tarpon is you usually can find a nice Bull red while you’re out there!

Looking forward to the time off, vacation, tasty lobsters! Once again thank you to everyone who’s been helping with the Covid crisis.

Hopefully we won’t have to hear that word much longer! Now let’s get those rods bent and stay cool!

Tight lines – Mandy

Mandy Henderson is a night cardiac nurse in Charleston, on her days off she loves to fish as often as she can!  You can visit her on Instagram @onefishynurse 


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