Florida Surf Fishing Forecast: August 2013

Pictured Mark Hinds and Ryan Farley winners of the 3rd Annual Dirty South Shark Fishing Tournament
Pictured Mark Hinds and Ryan Farley winners of the 3rd Annual Dirty South Shark Fishing Tournament

July was a blistering hot month for me and I tried to fish only the early (6-10am) mornings. I would say we had expectable fishing from all Florida Surf Fishing Reports. Sharks, bull whiting, sheepshead and croakers were in the surf. Mornings broke on calm seas, blue water, light winds and humidity in the high double digits. All in all, just what you would expect on our Brevard County Beaches at this time of the year. What I noticed most on the beaches were lots of Sea Turtles tracks (a good thing) and a great deal of trash (a bad thing) on the beaches. I suggest, as Surf Anglers, we can help the volunteers who walk and pick up our beaches daily, by picking up a plastic bottle, couple of coke/beer cans or other trash on our way off the beach.

Did you hear about the 3rd Annual Dirty South Shark Fishing Tournament held in July at Spessard Holland Beach? Families and friends gathered again to fish for the toothy ones. The feeling on the beach reminded me of the great tail gate parties held before college and pro football games. Up and down the beach the teams were staked out in their allotted positions. Families gathered behind their anglers with coolers of food, beverages and a party attitude prevailed. I really enjoyed this event because you could walk the beach and look at the rods/reels, rigs and support equipment used in catching sharks. What was also so special about this tournament was that 100 % of all sharks caught are released alive. For the most part the fisherman were a very relaxed bunch until a rod bent with a shark on it, then it was strictly business. Baits of all kinds were present: mullet to barracuda were stacked near each fishing station. It seemed every angler had his/her favorite bait and presentation method. The winning team of Mark Hinds and Ryan Farley caught three sharks totaling 287 inches. This is another neat thing about this tournament in that it is the total inches of sharks caught that determines the winning team so everyone has a chance to win. This was my first time and I found it to be an exciting event, professionally run by Jason Ripka and Richard Ripka and their team of dedicated volunteers.


Speaking of tournaments, the 2nd Annual Space Coast International Surf Fishing Tournament (SCISFT) is coming up the 4th to the 19th of October 2013. This year’s event will feature a full 14 days of fishing on Brevard County Beaches. The Tournament Committee has made a few changes and believe me they have made the SCISFT an even better event. The September issue of the Coastal Angler Magazine will see a 4 page spread on the SCISFT that includes registration locations, workshops, fees and other important information for the angler wishing to participate. Capt Rodney Smith and I will be hosting this event for all surf and kayak anglers who launch their weights or kayaks from the shore. Registration will start 1 September at your local tackle shops.

Florida Surf Fishing Tip:
At this time of the year I would go with: clams and shrimp, early mornings, beaches with clean water and to check your baits often.

See you on the Beach!