Folly Beach Fishing Pier

July consists of hot weather, mild waves, and cold coolers for all those fish you’re about to catch. On the Folly Beach Pier there are two types of fishing, beginning with the shallow surf. Some of the best drum and sea trout can be caught in less than a few feet of water.

Conditions are best in the morning and late afternoons with a moving tide. Just like humans, midday can become too hot for even fish to have

Henry with a 2 lb Sea trout

an appetite. In addition, keep a lookout for the gullies that form near the pilings. Red and black drum enjoy the smaller fish and crustaceans that thrive in these gullies.

As for bait, a live or frozen shrimp on a Carolina rig will do the trick. Move a little further down the pier and you’re in the second type of pier fishing, the mackerel area. You’ll see anglers of all levels, from those with intricate trolley rigs and live bait, to some just simply casting out imitation lures on top water.

Sometimes all it takes is a small gotcha plug to pull in a tasty Spanish mackerel, whereas a trolley rig setup with a large reel and heavy line is what’s needed to bring in the much larger king mackerel.

Be sure to join us for Folly Pier’s next Cast-Off Tournament Saturday, July 22, 6:00am-2:00pm. The categories will be big fish 1, big fish 2, big fish 3, youth, and best 5 fish. Don’t forget to weigh in your catch for the weekly Reel-It-In summer challenge. Last but not least, come join us out on the “Edge of America” for a shagging good time. That’s right, Moonlight Mixers are back out on the Folly Beach Pier with our next one being Friday July 7th at 7:00 pm-11:00 pm.

Joey Crawford
Folly Beach Pier
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