Folly Beach Fishing Pier December Fishing Forecast

Go on ahead and take some leave from work for that holiday season.  And since you’ve got the free time, go shopping… for red drum!!

Outside of boats and tackle, material items are overrated anyways.  Instead, give your family and friends the gift of a fun fishing trip.

Red drums aren’t as active with the cooler temperatures, but on a bright sunny day they’ll be in search for food.

Start at daybreak preferably with an incoming tide.  Get a cozy spot out on the pier diamond.  Rig up some shrimp on a bottom rig.  Then, cast, sit, and relax.

Sonny Bugarin with a Bull Red

When they strike, smaller red drum will fight with sporadic motions and jerky pulls, whereas bigger “bull reds” have a more consistent solid pull in one direction.

Once landed, one can see their dark reddish color gleam off the scales on the back all the way to the spotted tail.  However, be conscientious of fish not within slot limit as they are more prone to exhaustion in the winter water.

As always, catch and release according to SCDNR rules.

Joey Crawford

Folly Beach Fishing Pier

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