Folly Beach Pier August Fishing Forecast

Tranquil, clear, but sizzling – three words that describe August fishing in Charleston and at the Folly pier.

Historically the winds are calm and swell size is less than two feet. This creates ideal water conditions for surf and mackerel fishing.

However, the heat is what makes or breaks an angler’s choice to go out for a cast. Our summer sun can heat the beach water temperatures to 90°+, which most of our surf species aren’t very fond of.

At Folly adjust by fishing during the cooler parts of the day: early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Sunrise with a moving tide is a pristine time to target those bottom-feeding surf fish.

Dylan with 4 lb. Spanish

When the ocean is calm, a 1 or 2-oz. sinker will suffice with a light to medium action rod no bigger than 7 ft. If the current picks up, increase the sinker an ounce or two.

The goal is to have just enough weight to rest on the sandy floor but not get caught in Folly’s pier pilings or rock groins.

Just in case, a few yards of braid following the leader can help prevent severing your line on a sharp edge.

As for placement, cast anywhere directly behind where waves are breaking to about 50 yards past. Many Drum, Trout, and Sheepshead feed in shallower surf than one might expect.

Take a few steps down the Folly pier to the diamond and you’re in the king and Spanish mackerel area.

The season is prime for Southeast mackerel fishing and we’re looking forward towards some delicious catches.

Mackerel, who enjoy water temperatures above 67 degrees, use streaks of murky water for cover when looking for prey.

As for this month’s events, our Cast-Off Fishing Tournament August 31 from 6:00 am-2:00 pm. Registration includes free lunch and raffle ticket for the tackle giveaway.

In the mood to boogie? Come enjoy dancing at a Moonlight Mixer on the Folly Pier Friday, August 16 from 7:00pm-11:00pm. We hope to see you there!!

Joey Crawford
Folly Beach Pier

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