Folly Beach Pier JUNE Fishing Forecast

This is an excellent time of year for pier fishing. Mackerel, drum, seatrout, blues, sheepshead, whiting, flounder, jack, and pompano are all in season feeding near the surf.

The only thing out of season is school, so round up the kids and come relax under the Folly sunshine with family and friends.

One of the more finicky but interesting fish re sheepshead. They look similar to black drum with a grey hue and black stripes but have key dorsal and fin features that set them apart.

Sheepshead feed on crustaceans and bivalves off of the Folly Pier pilings using their human-like teeth.

If the water is clear enough, you can spot sheepshead going from pilling to pilling looking for a tasty barnacle or crab. In addition, they prefer calm seas as it is easier for them to feed.

When targeting sheepshead, fiddlers and clams are popular baits to use

When targeting sheepshead, fiddlers and clams are popular baits to use. Just be sure to follow SCDNR’s rule that circle hooks are required when fishing for sheepshead.

The Folly Beach Anglers will be hosting the 11th FREE Take A Kid Fishing Day here on the Folly Pier June 1 from 9:00am-1:00pm.


Licenses, rods, and bait will all be provided completely FREE for all youth 16 years of age and younger.

In addition, there will be plenty of experienced anglers on-site to help teach how to fish the Atlantic surf and land that big one!! Registration will be day of starting at 8:00am.

Also, our next Cast-Off Fishing Tournament will be Saturday, June 22 from 6:00am – 2:00pm. Furthermore, continue weighing in your daily catches for the summer monthly challenge.

Last but not least, come boogie the night away at our next Moonlight Mixer June 21 from 7:00pm-11:00pm. Great tunes will be provided under the stars at the end of the pier and beer and wine will be for sale on-site.

Joey Crawford
Folly Beach Pier

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