Four Wet Feet and an Idea

Hal and Paul are brothers. Hal likes to fish. Paul likes to cruise. Both are licensed captains because the only thing better than being on the water is getting paid to be on the water.

ON the water, not IN the water. There is a time and a place for swimming but hauling (or launching) at the boat ramp isn’t it.

After one particularly soggy ramp start to a weekend cruise, Hal had an idea. Paul liked it. Instead of wading in the water on a slippery ramp to attach the winch hook to the bow eye, have a post hold the hook in the center of the trailer within easy reach of the bow, so that the hook can be attached to, or detached from, the bow eye without ever leaving the boat.

So they designed, built and patented a gravity powered positioning post that can be mounted in the center of a boat trailer. They named it Pivyt Post because the post automatically swings up as the boat is launched, and down for out- of- the -way storage as the boat is hauled.

Brothers Hal and Paul had an idea… and the rest is history.

To ensure it was no longer necessary to get into the water, they replaced the hand crank with an electric winch, added a wireless remote control, and mounted a ladder on the tongue of the trailer. Hence one new Pivyt Post, an electric winch, and a ladder make it easy to launch and haul alone, safely, without cranking a winch handle, without assistance, without getting your feet wet or falling off a slippery trailer. There is now a revolutionary “new way” called Pivyt Post to launch and haul your boat.

For more information or to purchase Pivyt Post for yourself, visit, or give them a call at (401) 371.6493.