Gap Lake

gap lake

Looking for a fishing destination to explore without having to drive too far? Gap Lake might be just what you’re looking for. This natural Florida lake, with its crystal clear water, is located in Washington County, just a few miles northeast of Greenhead, off of Hwy 77 and down Sunny Hills Blvd.

The scenery alone is worth the short drive. Sawgrass rings the entire lake and thousands of Spanish moss filled cypress trees line the shore. Bald eagles and many other critters inhabit this breathtaking ecosystem. This lake is absolutely beautiful!

Kyle Pridgen’s 9 lb. 11 oz. Gap Lake toad.
Kyle Pridgen’s 9 lb. 11 oz. Gap Lake toad.

Fishing in this clear water requires some skills when targeting largemouth bass. The fishing can be amazing at times but, other times, it can have you scratching your head. There’s no doubt that big fish are in this lake, as evidenced by this 9.11 lb. bass that Kyle Pridgen of Panama City recently bagged.

Techniques that have proven effective for me include flipping creature baits with heavy weights into the thick areas of the deeper sawgrass, and buzzing a frog in the areas where the grass is a bit sparse. Slow dragging a weightless jerkbait, like a Gambler Ace or a Senko, is a slow process so use this technique in areas where you’re confident you’ve located some fish; just be sure to use light fluorocarbon line for this technique.

In the deeper open areas of the lake, you can find areas of submerged grass. This is a good area for lipless crankbaits and suspending jerkbaits. Another good technique for probing the deep grass is a Carolina-rigged soft plastic such as a lizard or Gambler Sweebo worm

I’ve seen fish schooling in lily pad fields and had some success with a buzzing frog, like a Zoom Horny Toad and a Gambler Buzz’n Cane Toad.

Most every soft plastic lure I use in this lake is in watermelon-red or green pumpkin colors. Occasionally I will use junebug, but that’s about the extent of my color selection.

I can’t say I’ve experienced it, but I’ve heard that the bream and crappie fishing there is pretty good, too. As the temps cool going into October, this would be a prime time to go after the crappie with some live minnows and very light line. Greenhead Bait & Tackle on Hwy 77 is a convenient place to stop for your live bait.

The launch ramp is in very good shape, there’s no launch fee and no dirt roads getting there. If you haven’t yet, go check out Gap Lake. The temps are dropping and the bite is heating up!


~ Capt. Randy Cnota