New African Surf Rod Design Promises ‘Seven Seas’ Success

Fishing is serious sport along the “Skeleton Coast,” particularly for tournament anglers who often wade out several hundred yards.

More Than The Catch

When it comes to rod and reels, how many do you really need? I’m sure many anglers have heard that question, usually from someone who may not be that into fishing, and especially after they have gazed at a wall or ceiling completely covered with rods and reels.

Fisherman’s Thumb

Fisherman’s Thumb is the answer for a raw thumb obtained from catching lots of fish or friction from your line. It is made out of a thin neoprene, which provides maximum protection combined with maximum feel of the line for casting.

Rods and Reels: Your Personal Best

Rods and reels are personal, as they should be. No reel has the best feel and no rod gets the final nod. The best rods and reels are the ones that fill your needs physically, functionally and economically. The best set-up for you is going to be the one that brings fish to the boat no matter how much it cost, or whose name is on it.

Build Your Own Rod Holder for $20

We’ve all got one… that corner that raises your significant other’s hackles every time they look over at it. Rods of all shapes and sizes clutter it up.

Tsunami Airwave Coastal Series Rods

Light, sensitive, powerful and ready for use with the toughest braided lines, the new Tsunami Airwave COASTAL series of rods are purpose designed for any inshore or coastal use. Live bait finesse, precise lure sight casting, down deep bottom jigging, name the technique and there is a COASTAL series Airwave rod for each use.

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