Getting Rigged Up For Florida Surf Fishing

Coastal Angler Magazine contributor, John Detmer, demonstrates how to get rigged up for Florida Surf Fishing.

Getting Rigged Up for Florida Surf Fishing: Video Summary:
Getting set up for Surf Fishing on Brevard’ County’s finest beaches is pretty easy. First, you’ll need your 12 ft pole and a reel that can hold several hundred yards of 25 lb test monofilament line. A bright yellow/green line color is recommended as it’s easier for bystanders on the beach to see and avoid. Remember that the rod fights the fish and the reel holds the line. You don’t need to spend $500 on a fancy reel. You will be able to surf fish just fine with a more economical reel model. If anything, spend an extra couple bucks on the rod, and you will be better off over the long run.

Once you have your gear and you’re out on the beach, it’s time to get rigged up for some surf fishing. When you are threading your line, take extra caution in keeping your rod and reel out of the sand. Your gear (and wallet) will thank you for it later. Once your line is threaded, you are ready to attach your rig. When it comes to Space Coast Surf Fishing, the pompano rig is hands down the most popular and versatile rig used. It is pretty much an all-purpose rig, effective for catching a wide variety of fish in the surf, including whiting, pompano, sheepshead, mackerel, and even bonnethead sharks.

The pompano rig is made of 25# test mono, with two dropper loops and a weight. Use a basic knot, such as the standard clinch knot, to tie the pompano rig to your main line. Once this is done, you just need to attach a 3 or 4 ounce pyramid sinker. Snap the sinker right on the end of the Pompano rig and you’re ready to bait your hooks. It gets windy on the beach in Florida, so it’s very easy to get tangles in your line. When leaving your pole to get your bait ready, there’s a little trick to use that can help you avoid unnecessary tangles. Just take your fishing line and gently wrap it around the reel once. This is just enough to keep your line in place.

Good luck out there and enjoy the incredible surf fishing that Brevard has to offer!