How to Freeline A Shrimp

Captain Jim Ross explains how to properly Freeline A Shrimp. The biggest key is to NOT overhook your bait. Many anglers use WAY too large of a hook for their shrimp. You want to use a hook that’s small enough to allow your bait to flow freely and swim naturally in the water. Too heavy of a hook will sink your shrimp right to the bottom, which will ruin your presentation.

Freelining involves no weights or corks whatsoever. The point is to allow the shrimp to swim forward, as it does naturally. You want to hook it on the back end, so when you give it a twitch, the shrimp twitches backwards in the water, which is it’s natural defense mechanism. To hook the shrimp, take the shank of the hook and put the point under the bait. In the bottom and out the top. It’s as easy as that, and now the bait can swim and look very, very natural in the water.