Is Kayak Fishing for You?


Many reasons exist for an angler to give kayak fishing a try! The idea of low maintenance cost coupled with a budget friendly entry price is certainly a huge selling point. Add the ability to cover relatively large expanses of water and carry a plethora of your “essential” fishing gear. Suddenly you realize how useful today’s sit-on-top kayaks are. These boats are not just capable of fishing our mellow lagoon waters, but are also able to put you on some open ocean gamefish via a beach launch. Most of the recent models top the scales at 50-65lbs; though some go well over 100lbs (dry weight). This will put many choices of kayaks in the range of “car topper” single person launch boat, and allow anglers of any type the ability to launch/load with ease.

As I grew up on the space coast, my days were filled with wading the expansive lagoon flats. No fish within striking distance of my bike was ever safe. The feeling of adventure I got from those daylong excursions magically seems to transpose itself onto every kayak trip. The idea that a handful of lures and a small bit of exploration can take you to an area were the fish haven’t seen many offerings from anglers is very appealing.

Once you realize just how capable a fishing kayak is you will look to expand your adventure. The call of waters near and far will be impossible to ignore. I was recently seduced by this call just a few weeks back. The idea of a kayak fishing tournament with a few interesting twist set in the wilderness of South West Florida’s 10,000 was entirely more tempting than I was capable of standing. So off I went with my team mate Alan Ryland, and two good friends Pepi Vidal and Charles (redfish Chuck) Levi, Jr. One truck and a small trailer was able to house our kayaks and gear for any finned adversary to be encountered. This ability to travel with ease is yet another reason kayaks have such a foothold in an increasing number of anglers hearts. Though the 35 miles of mangrove filled tidal waters we covered is not for everyone! The typical space coast paddle of a few miles through the lagoons and back waters done by my clients is within reach of anglers at any skill level. Please feel free to contact me through my website at; also stop by Kayak By Bo in Titusville if you really want a good look at a fishing kayak.