July 21 Inshore/Offshore Report

Tarpon have started showing up on the beach in pretty good numbers this past week. While King Mackerel have been absent lately, they seem to have finally returned to this part of the world. A little further offshore, Dolphin are starting to show up. They’ve been coming in a little closer with the Bluewater moving in to 70 to 90 ft waters.

Capt. Brad Spalding catching ton of Mangrove Snapper off Pelican Flats Reef at the 80 – 90 ft depth. Chumming with cut baits, throwing handfuls at a time to keep the fish up and interested in the water column.

Inshore the trout bite has been fair, mainly on live baits and topwater plugs. Cut baits have been working especially well in the Mosquito Lagoon.

The redfish bite has been pretty much the same as trout, hit or miss from day to day. They’re not wanting to chase the topwater for whatever reason, but cut baits and soft plastic jerk baits are working alright.

The 5″ Saltwater Assassin (Space Guppy Color) performed pretty well for my charter the other day. Work just the edge of the shallow bars, just at the edge of the drop off.