June Surf Fishing

dropcap]S[/dropcap]urf fishing in June using basic bottom rigs with cut shrimp or squid will likely produce a number of bites from a variety of fish. Though the quality and size of these feeders may not reach dinner plate proportions, it’s always fun to see and feel the pole shake.

To work on catching larger and more quality fish in June, go early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Live bait is always best and can also help your efforts in catching better fish. Targeted larger fish include flounder, redfish, Pompano, Black drum and Spanish mackerel.

To catch flounder in June, use live or cut bait on Carolina rigs and fish deeper holes or along shore near inlets. Casting your bait and slowly reeling it in can help produce a strike. If the current is moving quickly, reeling may not be necessary, but additional weight will need to be added to your rig to keep your bait moving at a slow pace. These efforts will help you cover more ground quickly and help with bait presentation to the dinner-sized flounder you’re looking to reel in.

Redfish or Black drum may also bite and you should be ready for a strong fight. Live bait like shrimp, sand fleas and crabs fished early morning or late evening will improve the success rate for catching them. Be willing to wade out at lower tides to get your bait over the back of sand bars. This will increase your chances of hooking up.

Wading out can also aid in catching bluefish and even Spanish mackerel during the early summer months as these fish will be plentiful and ready to bite. Make sure if you are wading out though, you are aware of the risks of rip currents. Surf-fishing with cut bait and shiny and colorful lures including Diamond Jigs, Stingsilvers and ClarkSpoons, are good choices to target these fish. Let’s go catchin’.