Brevard Kayak Forecast – February 2014

February is here and Central Florida’s sight fishing season is in full swing. North winds not only cool the temperatures, but also drop lagoon water levels. The key to seeing game fish at a far distance is clear water brought on by the lack of organisms and micro biology. The quicker you see your target the better chance you have of making the correct presentation.

Standing in your kayak greatly expands ones field of vision; however this is not something everyone can do. Being unable to stand does not mean that sight fishing is out of reach for you. It just warrants a little different strategy! Everyone has a certain area around them on the water that they can see everything. Every mullet, stingray, catfish, and horseshoe crab is fully visible and quickly identified. If you are able to become the master of this “area” you can have a truly fantastic day of sightfishing.

Your field of vision may be 10, 20, or 40ft. if sitting, and of course if you’re standing add 50ft. to that. By taking a slow approach and utilizing some good polarized sunglasses you will be able to pick out your target. How slow is “slow”; if you asked you’re going way to fast! The slower you move across a designated fish holding, the better chance you have of getting transitioned from moving to casting. This is where some of the guys that’s sit, but also can stretch their field of vision have an advantage. That transition from one type of gear to another (i.e. Push-pole/paddle to fishing pole) is where most chances are lost. While sitting you can typically do this much quieter and with lees added vibration pushed into the water.

The best areas to look for concentrations of fish will be shallow flats adjacent to deep water canals or holes. All of them have been dredged at one point or another and offer shelter with moderated water temps through the night. The adjacent shallow flats will warm quicker and fishing typically starts around 10am. Baits like the SSB by Slayer Inc. in (molting or pepper death) coupled with a weedless “keeper” style hook are what I like to toss. And nothing will turn down a fresh live shrimp this time of year. Speaking of shrimp; the run is on! And this signifies the start of big reds at night on our space coast bridges. As the shrimp flow through massive amounts of smaller fish line up for the buffet. This brings our breeder redfish fresh off the spawn in to fatten up. They feast on the shrimp and other small abundant fish and can be quite a thrill to catch at night in a kayak. Some spots are mother-shipped to with the use of a skiff, and some you can paddle to. I would suggest booking with us if you have not danced this two-step before. It can be dangerous and it helps to have someone focused on looking out for your well-being.

Brutal fights with heavy fish can be expected and plenty of fun fish are around to pull the line. Be sure to mark your calendar for February 15th at 4pm I will be giving a seminar at KBB Outfitters in downtown historic Titusville. Covering techniques long forgotten on the space coast and how to apply them to your kayak fishing. I will take you on a walk down memory lane and breathe life into those old timers’ long forgotten ways. To spruce up the attendance I will also be giving away a charter and KBB Outfitters is tossing in a nice prize pack for one lucky attendee. Be sure to catch me on or Local Lines Guide Service for info, pics, tips, and tactics.

Tight lines and wet paddles.