Brevard Kayak Forecast – April 2014

The Kayak fishing community has grown by leaps and bounds recently. Many new and exciting events have popped up over the past few years. With factory support from gear companies, new and established alike, no limit seems to be in sight. From Kayak fishing tournaments to massive gatherings like the Kayak Fishing Radio’s Boondoggle, it’s easy to get involved at any level one wishes. The “brotherhood” you can experience is a lot like those who ride motorcycles. A willingness to group-up with likeminded individuals is one stark comparison. Much as you will see folks from seemingly opposite sides of the biker spectrum come together on the road and share a common love for cruising; kayakers seem to be able to enjoy a quick bond too. It’s typically easy to find fast friends at any local kayak launch, and some can become fishing partners for life.

I like to use this little comparison: As you launch your skiff you notice a gentleman seemingly solo fishing as you are. A conversation may commence, however the chances of your new friend riding off in his boat to fish next to you are slim. The same scenario with kayaks involved could very well find you sharing a flat with your new friend for that day and many more.

The same has held true for most kayak fishing tournaments I have been associated with. Though competitive by nature, good times with peers are an easy find. Most areas with any kayak fishing will have a local Facebook “club”, and this holds true for manufacturers too! Our local one is the “Space Coast Kayak Anglers” group. Utilize this and other forum resources to get up to date on all the kayak angler happenings. Also check out Kayak Fishing Radio on Monday Night Kickoff w/”Redfish” Chuck at 8pm. A local crew, including me, share info and antics on an hour long free webcast.

As for the Space Coast bite! Spring is in full swing and our flats fish are shaking off that winter pattern. Metabolisms are steadily increasing and the bait population is on the rise. With water still hovering in the cool range redfish will find it comfortable in even the shallowest flats. Until the southerly winds draw our water levels up these reds can be seen tailing throughout the day. Sightfishing will stay productive throughout the next few months, and soft plastics are the bait of choice. The Slayer Inc. SST and SSB will produce sold hits from these shallow water reds. With the best colors being Pepper Death, Gold Finger, and Molting; I will rig these on a weedless “Keeper Style” Slayer Inc. hook.

Also look for the SeaTrout to get frisky with the impending spawn. Low light topwater plug time is here so be ready! Vicious strikes from heavy fish are common and heart stopping. This action will increase around the full moons of the coming months, but peaking in late April into May. With only a small trickle of cobia so far keep a look to the beach. These near coastal pelagic fish are a blast to target from the yak. Large bright jigs and a keen eye will put you in the battle of a lifetime. Preparation and teamwork are needed to achieve this kayak fishing feat. Be safe and respect the ocean.